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As we have learned, if you want to continue to receive over-the-air broadcast on your older analog only TVs, you will need a Digital-to-Analog Converter box.

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Did you know that the Federal Government has a coupon program to help you purchase these converter boxes at a discount? Meredith Attwell Baker: Well, you can apply now and we are going to be accepting applications for coupons up until March 31st, You can request these coupons through our website www. You can just call us and we will send you an application.

They are also available in libraries and we are working with communities to get them in other places so that it will be easy for the consumer to get the application. Certain retailers also have them available. Now we have You are going to need to give us your name and your address and whether you want one or two coupons and you are also going to need to tell us whether you receive your television over-the-air.

You can use your coupons to purchase coupon eligible boxes.

When you send you your coupon you are going to get a list of eligible converter boxes that is going to be include with your coupon and they will also be labeled in the stores when you go to purchase them. The Congress gave us certain specifications to create a very simplified converter box that's going to be eligible for this program, but we wanted to make sure that they work.

Tv Converter Box Coupon Program - Federal Grants Wire

So we have tested them and we have make sure that they work and we have certified up to -- well, right now about 50 boxes that you can use your coupon towards and some of them are different than others. Some have permitted features such as a smart antenna or an enhanced programming guide, Energy Star Certification and some have a permitted feature called low power pass-through. So if you watch low power stations or translators or class A stations then you will need to get that permitted feature in the certified box.

Coupons are active for 90 days so when you receive your coupon, you have a chance to do some consumer comparison of the boxes to figure out which one you want or if you decide to make a transition in some other way such as buying a digital television or subscribing a cable or satellite or some other pay television service. No, at this point you cannot replace a lost or stolen coupon, so when you receive it in the mail, you need to guard it and use it within 90 days because it's going to expire after 90 days.

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There are over retail outlets where you can redeem your coupons and then places you would expect like BestBuy, RadioShack, Walmart and Circuit City as well as some online retailers. Yes, these coupons are transferable. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our consumers to make the transition for their loved ones and the ones they care about. Now we are going to be watching up for waste, fraud and abuse.

Coupons expire 90 days after they're sent. If you're planning to buy a new TV, just be sure it was manufactured after March 1, when the law required them to include digital tuners. We subscribe to FIOS cable service, so the TVs in our house are ready, except for a small, old one we almost never use.

I've sent for a converter box coupon - just in case -- so you may want to double check your house to be sure you've accounted for all your TVs. Home Health Beauty St.

Tv Converter Box Coupon Program

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