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Was your kid an extra awesome patient on their last appointment? Let them know how proud you are with a Chuck E. Brush, floss, rinse, reward! Try this Terrific Teeth incentive chart to help your kids develop better teeth brushing habits. Get your kids to use good manners at the dinner table with this rewards-based Table Manners Calendar. They can earn rewards and show off their new found table talents on their next visit to Chuck E. Say Hola to better Spanish skills! Track study and knowledge progress with this free rewards calendar.

The more they read, the more rewards they can earn. Keep track of kids potty progress and leave diapers in the dust with this free, printable toddler reward system calendar. Help keep their noses finger-free with this incentive chart for pre-schoolers. Kids will love earning fun Chuck E. Motivate kids to practice their musical instrument, download this Magical Music Calendar to track their practices and progress. Your little one is doing a great job of dressing themselves now! Mark it all down and reward them every two weeks.

Need some good rewards for kids? Give them high marks for their outstanding schoolwork. Track two weeks of great effort for some fun rewards and a special trip to Chuck E. Need some ideas for good rewards for kids?

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Turn life skills, like listening, into a game with this free downloadable calendar. Help kids get a good night's sleep so they wake up ready to take on the day. All gone! Cheese brings the popular reading program into the 21st century with it's Rewards Calendar. Kids can plop their tiny little goals onto the calendar. Goals like "run around a whole bunch," "display breathtakingly erroneous leaps in logic," or "cry literally over spilled milk because I think the sun went down too early. Go on a rollicking space adventure and win 1, tickets from home with Chuck E.

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No code required. Save big on a night out while enjoying casual dining and cocktails, beer tastings or family friendly pizza spots. Sign up to get started! Valid on 1 unit per transaction; max 1 Local deal or 1 Goods item per customer. Not combinable with other Goods offers. Exclusions apply, full details at gr. Save at select Chicago locations with this in-store coupon.

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Use this in-store Chuck E. Select Chicago locations only. Visit to earn up to free tickets! Click for full details. Sign up today! In addition, anyone who books a party on a Friday or Sunday can get free tokens. There are some coupons on the website that you can print out and bring in to the store when you visit.

The deals can vary from location to location. Many of the coupons can get you various packages, including pizza, drinks, and tokens, for a great price.

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To sign up for the E-Club, go to chuckecheese. Then, click on Join the Chuck E-Club, and fill out your information on the form. You'll receive an email confirmation and can start enjoying your perks. For booking a birthday party on a Friday or Sunday, you'll get free tokens. You can divvy these up amongst the kids, and everyone will be able to play their favorite games. You'll also get your own Rewards Calendar, which can earn you 10 free tokens. Whenever Chuck E.

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Cheese's runs other special offers, you'll be one of the first to know. Chuck E. Cheese's is known as a place "where a kid can be a kid. Cheese's is a combination of a restaurant and an arcade. The menu is filled with tasty foods, including pizza and cheesy bread, and the store features tons of interactive games. Some of the games are classic video games where you have to race others or steer your character towards a prize, and others are more like rides. Kids of all ages can enjoy riding on a mini-helicopter that lifts up into the sky or sitting on a mini-carousel that plays music as it twirls.

Sports-inclined kids can try their hand at skeeball or an arcade version of basketball. These games can all distribute tickets that kids can use to pick out something from the reward center. The more tickets you have, the better your prize. Little knick-knacks like bouncy balls, pencils, and bracelets still make great souvenirs for kids who haven't made it their mission to earn as many tickets as possible. Kids love being greeted by the Chuck E.